Statement of Purpose:

Our purpose is to cultivate comraderie, aid the defenseless, train in knightly skills, preserve history, and explore the forgotten places in our world.​

Core Values:

Honor – Knowing and doing what is morally right.

Courage – The ability to face adversity and be victorious.

Loyalty – Allegiance to faith, family, country, and the Order.

Respect – Treating others with the dignity they deserve.




Faith – The sincere conviction with which we serve our God.


Honesty – Being truthful and straightforward in all things.


Creativity – The ability to innovate and find solutions.


History – The foundation of our world which we strive to preserve.

Who we are:

Founded in 2016, the Order of the Silver Star is a self-styled chivalric order with a structure based on knightly orders of the past. Our Order brings individuals from many backgrounds together to build a sense comraderie and brotherhood.

Similar to many chivalric orders throughout history, we exist to aid the defenseless. In today's context this is often done through providing assistance to those in need throughout our local area. The members of the Order offer volunteer assistance, serving local organizations that need help with efforts to aid the community.

We train in knightly skills, visit historical sites, and partake in various outdoor activities in order to build teamwork, preserve history, and promote an active lifestyle.


Members of the Order:

Members of the Order are upstanding men who have the desire to seek adventure, learn about history, and make a lasting impact for good in the world. Many are current or former military, cadets, or scouts with a passion for helping others. 


All members of the Order are expected to follow the chivalrous values of honor, courage, loyalty, and respect. Members are expected to train in skills such as the historical art of swordsmanship to strengthen their discipline and resolve.


The Order of the Silver Star aids local volunteer organizations. There are many opportunities available to members who wish to help those in need.

Historical Tours:

Trips to various historical sites around the country allow members to gain a better understanding of the past with the intention of preserving history.

Hiking and Scouting:

Members regularly participate in hikes through parks and trails in the local area, with annual trips nationwide.